Celery Juicing: Day 1

Have you heard about or tried Celery juicing?

If you have not heard about it, I think you just might be living under a rock. Every health and wellness blogger on Instagram is doing it – it is all the rage right now.  I think the most popular and most influential is:  Medical Medium – Anthony Williams but a single google search will bring you to loads of others!! With all these diets, I normally just watch from a distance – Jenny Craig, Cambridge Diet, High Carbs, Low Carbs, No Carbs, Keto, Etc But this is one is totally different. Not a diet… but a phenomenon… let’s hope I can stick with it each morning adding it yo my overall better eating approach. I will never be vegan but I do want a whole lot less meat and processed food in my family’s diet.

During our family Christmas, my sister-in-law told me about how she had been juicing celery each morning and was enjoying it and suggested I try it.   I don’t have chronic illnesses but I have somethings here and there and after reading a few posts the benefits are definitely there. I have the machine – thanks to my mother-in-law. So all through our Christmas break, I had been looking forward to starting it and now that we are home and back in my kitchen, our routines – today was day 1.

I think it’s becoming quite popular that it’s now hard for me to find find organic celery bunches at my local Albert Heijn.   Perhaps it is just something else but today I found ONE single bunch in the whole shop.  Fortunately, I live around the corner from an Ekoplaza so I popped in and picked up a 5 bunches as I know they are organic.   The guy at the register looked up and said, “soep maken?”  I just nodded and smiled.  No, but I didn’t want to go into that I was starting to try celery juicing – in my best Dutch.

I think it’s best to buy a whole week’s worth at the start of the week and keep in the fridge – makes it less likely you’ll skip a day.   If you find they are drying out, you can store a couple bunches with a WET folded paper towels in large freezer storage bags in the fridge. This will keep them moist and fresh – this is how I store my lettuce too.

Based on the health claims, here’s what you can expect if you drink celery juice daily:

  • Restored gut health and improved digestion (I need the later part badly).
  • Reduced inflammation and improvement of autoimmune conditions.
  • Starvation of bad bacteria and flushing out of viruses.
  • Balanced pH in the body, detoxed liver and cleaner blood.
  • Hydration on a “deep cellular level” to reduce incidence of migraines, anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Reversal of brain fog, depression and anxiety.

Seems interesting right? Below is what you’re supposed to do.  I’ll give it a try this week – see how I do.  My hope is to do it for 15 days.  Revisit and continue for 15 more. Either way, I will check back and give an update.



As soon you wake up – you juice a full head of celery, which makes about 12-16oz or 1/2 liter.  This should be the FIRST thing you consume or drink.  Also, you might want to start slow and work up to the full amount.

I personally do not combine my celery juice with any other veggies or fruit – I saw one person add in an apple and cucumber – others add a squeeze of lemon to help with the bitterness.

I LOVE V8 juice ever since I was a child so the idea of adding in other veggies is appealing but I’ll do that another time, I want to to get the full benefits of this celery superfood versus just drinking veggie juice.


Simply rinse a full head of celery with water each morning. Then, chop about 2 inches off the bottom, but do NOT remove the leaves – juice them with the celery stalks!  Put them into the juicer and that is it – out comes the juice.  In the tray will be all the fiber in a ball.  You can toss it into the garbage but you can also store in the freezer with all your veggie scraps and use in soups, broths, etc

I use Philips Avance HR1946/70.  I highly recommend it – it’s not bulky and it’s easy to clean.  Simple take a few parts away, rinse under the water and that is it.  Ready to go!


Try using your blender on high-speed but first chop up the celery.  You’ll have to add a bit of water to help it along.  Once it’s blended, put it through a nut milk bag  – as shown in this video.  It will make a little less juice, but overall it is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a juicer.


You want to drink it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before eating anything.  That even means even before your coffee and eating your breakfast.  As it helps aid in the digestion of the foods you eat for the rest of the day.

Make sure to wait at least 20-30 minutes before consuming any other beverages or food once you drink your celery juice.  You want to give your gut a little time to digest and process all those nutrients.


This is a very common question asked on the internet – but while I’m not an expert, every where I’ve read suggests that it’s best to make it fresh daily.  You run the risk of losing valuable nutrients.   Some say you can freeze it or keep in the fridge in an air-tight container, but for me, it’s not that much effort to wash celery, push down a bunch of stalks and then rinse off the blades.  It’s really a total of 10 minutes or so from start to finish – so when it comes to your heath  – the benefits will outweigh the cleanup time!

TIP:  Need to save even more time in the morning – have your celery washed the night before, thick end cut off the bottom and have your juicer out on the counter ready to go.  

DAY 1:  So my two cents – the juice is tolerable – it’s not gross and I know it’s super healthy, so I’ll continue with it, but it is a LOT of liquid to drink in one go on an empty stomach.   I might just drink 12 oz tomorrow.  I waited about 30 minutes before I had my coffee and I was not really interested in it.   Normally, I drink coffee first with milk and a bit of sugar.  Going to see how tomorrow goes…  I love the taste of my morning coffee.

Now we wait to see how I feels and the effects. Perhaps I might even convince N to start?? I read it would help his psoriasis!

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