Christmas Tree Farm: Kerstbomen Liempde, Netherlands

Even though Sinterklaas has not left the Netherlands yet, we wanted to get our Christmas tree up.  I know it’s only Dec 1st but as we were heading to Vlieland for a few nights and I’m scheduled to have surgery, and then Christmas was right around the corner, we didn’t want to wait too long.  Plus it’s cozy to have a Christmas tree up in the house. 

There is a vendor sending selling Xmas trees in the Den Bosch markt but I wanted to find a place to cut down our own tree.   Nearby our old house in Liempde/Boxtel, there is tree farm called Kerstbomen Liempde.   I know the traditional cut your own tree farm with all the extras like hot chocolate, etc would not be had here in The Netherlands but what we did find was perfect too.   I heard about this place from my MIL.  When we arrived, we were pointed to a couple different fields with different types of trees.  I knew what I wanted  – one that had firm needles and wasn’t too full.  I do like a bit of a Charlie Brown tree.  After walking around for a bit I found the one – and to my huge surprise it was only €25.  I think that was a GREAT price considering some years we paid over €85.  

The owner, Richard, was very helpful and friendly and after he cut down the tree, he brought it to our car and did a bit of extra trimming for me.  I wanted to ensure it fit into the stand (which I brought with me).  I’ve learned my lesson getting the tree home and finding out it’s too wide to fit into the stand and as I don’t own a saw, I didn’t want to hack at it with my breadknife (had to do that last year).  Thankfully our car is big enough it fit. 

With a little help from my reindeer the tree was up and we’re enjoying it each and every day!   This year I opt’d for white lights, though I’m sure the kids prefer the coloured lights we had last year.  

Our tree is up and decorated with special sentimental ornaments we collect from our travels and we’re enjoying it every day. 


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