Zeeland Visit: Vlissingen, Veere & Middleburg

We planned to visit N’s mother at her home in Vlissingen on Sunday, so we chose to make a weekend out. So after S’s [amazing – 4 goal by S] football game on Saturday, we booked a last-minute deal at the Fletcher Hotel Middleburg and drove down.   As we assumed the room would not be ready, plus we were not in a rush to get to our hotel room, so we drove straight to Veere.  The last time we were there was in 2010 – with M as a baby and S as a little water-loving, boy.  We stayed with the entire family at Strand Hotel Duinoord . now it seems part of it’s called Budget Hotel Vrouwenpolder – sounds awful with that name but it was great!   Here are some photos from that trip.   Seems like just yesterday – look at how young the kids were… and look at how short my hair was.    I’d gladly return to stay here & have a lovely long weekend by the sea with the kids.

Veere, is such a lovely little place.  Home of picturesque Windmill ‘De Koe’ – which required a pose.   It’s actually for sale for 1.2 million Euro and you can see what is like inside in the photos shown here.


A few quaint streets with shops, houses, restaurants/hotels all in buildings which are straight off postcards.

A little harbor with an active yachting club which was busy with tanned, fit, sailors taking advantage of the beautiful weather on a Saturday in October.  I think it was the warmest October on record.

As we were walking along the outer wall and dock, we saw some small kids crabbing but it was a bit different – they had a stick which they tied rope and ham on dangling on the end of a close pin.   They were laying on their bellies, only a few feet above the water, so they could see the crabs and tried to pull them up.  But their buckets were empty – I suspect the crabs let go immediately.   In a future trip back to Zeeland, we’ll give it a try with nets and mash bags of bacon and see what we can score.  Totally different than Crabbing from the Cromer Pier in North Norfolk.

The night before, we stayed in in the Fletcher Hotel Middleburg which was very nice.  The family room (#102) was prefect for the stay.  We walked around Middleburg for a bit – it’s also a great city with a lot of history.  Sort of reminded me of a cross between Den Bosch but also a city like Dordrecht.  There were these two chair and when you sat on them it was like you were peeing underneath – the kids found it hilarious!

I liked the canals and the house boats which you don’t have here. Well there are a couple of boats, but not like these houses  – one day!

As we had about an hour to spare, we stopped the beach and the kids kicked around a ball and we collected shells.




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