Natuurmuseum Brabant, Tilburg, Netherlands

We had to visit a shop in Tilburg today, so we coupled that errand with a visit to a museum at the Natuurmuseum Brabant.    We figured we have our Museumkaarts and as the cooler weather is now here, why not start using them again.   The warm outdoor pool weather is gone and between a passing showers, we had a quick bite to eat, then ran into this museum.  It was a cross between the Natural History Museum (aka The Dead Zoo in Dublin and the Cromer Museum.   Essentially, it’s is part old-fashioned Natural History museum, part media-oriented for the young.  One cool thing is that every window in the exposition room has a letter / number combination which can be used to look up “what am i looking at”.



.Hunt Mammoths in the Ice Age exhibition (IJstijd).   The kids said – look there is George (the Neanderthal from Lullymore only Dutch speaking :). The kids enjoyed playing the game where you have to sneak up on the mammoth and catch it.


Observe wolves in the True Wolf exhibition (De Ware Wolf) or become a detective in the OO – ZONE, where you will find over 2000 objects in an imitation museum depot.  We didn’t do this at all but saw other kids doing it and they were enjoying themselves.

There were other exhibitions through the museum which we stopped in to have a look.



I found an exhibit about the various types of sand around the world very cool.


Our kids did enjoy putting together some bodies.







For kids under 7 there is an exhibition Frog & Friends (Kikker is Hier!), where they can visit Frog’s house and play a variety of games.   Our kids at 8 & 10 are too old for it but it did look fun for the little ones.  Outside that area was a seating area made from real trains – which the kids and I found fun.


There were other interesting taxidermy animals around the museum which the kids found interesting including a lovely MOOSE!



The museum has existed for more than 80 years and still attracts many visitors every year.  While it’s all in Dutch, they do have an English guide book if needed.  All in all it’s a nice, small museum which is worth visiting for a couple hours, if you are ever in Tilburg and have Museumkaarts.   Oh and they do have a cafe which looked great – we didn’t go in but it’s there and was full of parents with small children.  I suspect that the local schools come here often.

I’m sure it is nothing compared to Het Natuurhistorisch – Rotterdam’s Museum of Natural History – which we’ll visit in a future trip.



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