Louwman’s Museum – Den Haag – Netherlands largest private car collection!

The kids and I left Duinrell on a day to explore Wassenar and then to head to Schevenging to eat lunch, some oysters at the seaside and walk on the pier – but sadly pouring rain prevented the walk on the beach. I promised my 10 year old oysters next time we were at the coast, we’d get oysters. Now that we live 1.5 hours away, I don’t really want to see seafood in the middle of the country.

As we were driving, I realized we were going to drive by the Loumans’s Museum, which is a place I earmarked for a future visit whilst living in Ireland and looking through all the choices of the Museumkaart. Ever since Soren was a 2 year old he was into cars so it was a perfect fit. We first had a drink and crab cakes in the cafe which was cute and while tasty, they didn’t cook them enough so still frozen inside – oops!

This antique car collection is the world’s oldest private collection, having been carefully curated through two generations of the Louwman family and as we had Museumkaarts it was free (adults €15 and kids €5 or €7.50 depending on age). We did pay €6 for a parking underground but there is free parking down the street which we didn’t know about at the time. The kids received a treasure hunt in English to take around the museum and when done, would receive a prize. This is great as it’s hard to keep kids attention as you meander through the museum. Small kids might have trouble not touching and crossing the ropes.

As you pass through the collections, you see all types of cars. If old timer carriages are not your thing, just turn the corner and you’ll find things like military vehicles, emergency vehicles, race cars, pop culture vehicles, even Elvis’s car, and many glamorous vehicles, paintings, ceramics and paraphernalia. Even for non-car aficionados like me, I can see some beautiful cars. Unfortunately Papa was in Sydney, Australia for work as I’m sure he’d love this museum with Soren – even more than me.

Overall we thought it was a great stop on this drizzly day and spent about 2 hours there before heading to Patagonia Beach restaurant for lunch and oysters.

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