Free Walking Tour of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Yesterday was a nice, sunny Spring day about 13 degrees – which was the warmest of 2018, so the terraces were full and everyone was out enjoying the sun in the cafes. In the sun it was warm, in the shade it was cold – but dry so I took advantage of a day out in city of S’Hertogenbosch and took park in the free tour offered Den Bosch Free Tours.

Of course, we’ve been to the city a lot, did the Binnendize Boat Tour last year, our kids attend school there and in July, we move to a house in the city centre!!!  I never did a tour before so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been following the Facebook page of the group and this was perfect timing.

Couldn’t quite spell our names, but could do Maebh 🙂

Our guide Cora was brilliant! A full time History teacher – she knew her stuff and you could tell shad passion about the city.  She took us to touristic yet quite places & streets of Den Bosch. She shared very useful information about the history of the city (and The Netherlands) and showed us some important historical and modern spots of Den Bosch.  Oh and it was in 100% English which is absolutely brilliant for expats & non-Dutch speaking people to experience!

I totally recommend this tour to people who would like to know more about Den Bosch & it’s history!   I’ve recommended this tour now so many times and to every Expat I’ve met who has recently moved to Den Bosch and even those who have lived a while and never been on it.  Why not be a tourist for a day in your own hometown?   I also think it could be fun for a local to take out of town guests around – even though you’re from here, this guide knows things that I’m sure the locals don’t! 🙂 

Of course the tour is free and tipping is optional but I think something along the lines of €5 to €10  per person is the average donation!


Have you been on this tour?  What do you think?  What about another FREE tour in another city in the Netherlands?  I saw this one in Rotterdam on Facebook which I’d like to attend.

One thought on “Free Walking Tour of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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