Daf Museum Eindoven

Yesterday the kids and I headed to Eindhoven to first visit some museums as our Museumkaarts arrived in the mail this week. First up, the Daf Museum and then if time and S’s toe (which is infected) was okay then we’d stop in the Philips Museum for a quick visit, though we did that museum before so not such a big deal.

For some reason Peggy Sue, our navigation lady on my phone, was not too clear and somehow I took a few wrong turns (probably just me reading the map wrong but easy to blame her) but we were diverted and ended up at the Van Abbemuseum which M and I visited last year. We ended up figuring it out and finally reached our destination.

In the future, you can easily park on the streets nearby and pay the meters but for us part of the adventure is taking the Dutch train into the city.

When you first arrive the kids are given a pencil and type of scavenger hunt which keeps them entertained through the museum. Then when finished, you bring it back to the gift shop to get a small gift – which was wooden yoyo’s.   As it was 100% in Dutch, they managed to get most of the answers – great for practice but at the same time they got a bit bored with it, I started filling in answers.  Didn’t matter – they still got the wooden yoyo’s which was great as that saved me from having to buy them something else.

The museum was nicely done and if you are a car aficionado, this place is for you!  Loads of history and cool stuff.  Here the kids found a truck which they really liked!

veenstra truck




This next section is especially for my father – thought he’d like to see all these items in the workshop.



Soren likes cars, but truthfully after about 20 minutes they saw enough.  They prefer more interactive museums where they can touch and do things.  Next time we’re heading to a children’s museum or science museum where they can interact with things.  There are so many museums which you get free entry with the museumkaarts.

I think they’ll enjoy the Nationaal Militair Museum in Soest – a former US Air Force Base.

The NEMO in Amsterdam is a big on one our list – but I want to spend all day there.  I think during the half term break, I’ll take the kids up to Amsterdam and spend the night in hotel.

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