Owls Group: Tree Climbing in St. Anne’s Park, Raheny

A few families met up and attended the Tree Climbing meet up with the OWLS group in St Anne’s Park Raheny on Sunday.

I had a few mild heart attach as the kids got up too high for my liking. At one point a three year old was so high, her dad had to get her.  But not a bother on her – very brave girl.

A few games were played. 

Lots of fun for the kids.  We even played a mini match of football of dad & lad vs eachother.

After we ended up at Deer Park Howth for a few drinks and bite to eat.

It was a great day out and I wish they had move events like this at St Anne’s and Deer Park. A lot of their events are in Donabate and South Dublin parks – which are just a bit too far to attend frequently.

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