Schipol Airport Adventure

While our original plans of ending our two week trip to the Netherlands over Easter break in Amsterdam for two nights changed 😦 [I’m not happy about this at all], we’re still flying out of Amsterdam on the 9:45 pm flight to Dublin.  Therefore, we will have some time to kill at the airport. Thankfully Schiphol is a very child-friendly place.

They happily got to take their train ride on the top deck while Nils sat down with the bags.  It was only an hour so he probably enjoyed the quiet time with his book.  The kids liked spotting good graffiti, barges on the waterways and by the Ajax stadium where Soren gave two thumbs down.  I hoped to see tulip fields but no such luck!  Right season this time – just didn’t see any fields! 

Once we put Nils in the bar area, we set off to find The Planes@Plaza where the kids can design and print a 3D paper airplane for FREE! And sit inside an old cockpit and press all the buttons he/she wants.   Both kids loved that – what kid wouldn’t find sitting in an old cockpit and all those buttons cool?!

After we checked our bags, we set out for Nils’ spot, yet again in a pub – Murphy’s Irish Pub for more beer, bitter ballen and nachos (this was dinner!).  After a bit I had to leave the bar – absolutely boring airport bar and the kids and I walked into the shops.   They got Pringles for the plane but I could have bought so much stuff. I want a nice cheese assortment and Maebh wants soft wooden shoe slippers.  Update: we ended up getting the slippers on a future trip they wore them like twice and now outgrew them.   What a waste!   We do bring them home for friends’ kids as they are a bit hit! 

They do some plane watching – it’s a very big airport, so watching some huge planes could be a possibility but turned out we,’d have to go down a different area to see the really big ones.  Panorama Terrace is a cool spot.  All the planes in our section we’re for UK and Ireland – so nothing cool like the super large planes heading to Asia, etc.

We were going to look for the Kids Forest play area on Level 1 in the Holland Boulevard between Piers E & F.  It’s says it’s for kids 3-9 so our 9 year old might be a bit but we never made it there.

While we didn’t do it there is a Schiphol Scavenger Hunt.

Think you know all of Schiphol’s secrets? Think again! If you’re a budding detective, visit the information desk in Schiphol Plaza to ask for a scavenger kit. It will help you learn all about Schiphol with thrilling tasks, trivia and more.

But I felt like most of the searching was before sending security, I thought it would be ‘safer’ to do it after, so steered the kids away from it.  At times I am paranoid about a possible attack in a crowded place and just a bit extra vigilant as an airport this big and crowded could be just that place.  I did see a few security guards but nothing like Antwerp Christmas market.  

They do Behind The Scenes Tours which looks great but the last tour is at 2:30 pm so it won’t work out this time.

Overall it is a very large, family-friendly airport with things for kids including baby areas to let them rest, and a yotel to rent a room for  both few hours, but do prepared for longer lines in security and passport control.  Oh there is a casino with blackjack and roulette tables but I kept far away!

I am going to do searching for our next trip to Amsterdam and will hopefully update with photos from the Behind The Scenes Tour.

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