‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

The kids and I spent the day in the town of s’-Hertogenbosch aka Den Bosch.  We took the sprinter train from Boxtel to Central station (10 minutes).

We spent the day walking around.  Full of amazing architecture – each building is better than the next.   I will not had my phone with me for photos but something is better than nothing!


We visited the Sint Jankathedral, which is an impressive Gothic-styled church in the center of the city.  It was so beautiful inside and out.  In the summer, you can hire a guide and climb the tower – but nothing for the kids & I.
There was a very well-known Nativity walk through.

Clearly our children are not religious as they asked if the confession booth was a “puppet show” and I had to give a lot of instructions on how and why you’d light a candle for some one.  We did one for everything and everyone.

As we were walking around the town “in circles” as the kids say, we passed a snack bar – so had to explain to the kids how their dad loves these things after being abroad for so long, he’d stop at them and eat them – yuck!!  Now I could eat Vietnamese lompias from the market no problem!



After going around “in circles”, we had lunch in Cafe Du Boulevard in the Pensmarkt.


We visited the ijsban in the Winter Parade but there was a kids party happening soon, so we decided to head off to skate in Boxtel instead.  But first not without taking some of their snow to toss at each other.  We’d LOVE to get a good dumping of snow like back in Boston – we’d love a proper New England Blizzard.

When we got back we skated for a bit in Boxtel… The kids hated to leave.  We will be back again real soon!  They loved it!

More to come especially videos of the kids skating!


The kids want to buy an unlimited skating pass today!

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