Amsterdam: Festival Of Lights

I’m excited to be returning to The Netherlands for Christmas & New Years this year – and back to Amsterdam.  I love Amsterdam for it’s uniqueness, charm, history and canals.  It has been THREE years since we were in Amsterdam last.  The kids were so small – but now at nearly 9 and 6.5, they are able to enjoy some of the museums and historical things offered.

I prefer to completely avoid the red light area, the Dam Square and all the shopping streets, but I do want to enjoy the Festival of Lights and a few museums!  I know the kids would love it too, especially in the open top boat sipping hot chocolate looking at the lights.   Top of my list for things to do in Amsterdam.

Or we could rent our own boat for the same price and have up to 8 people onboard… humm…

Will post photos ….





When in Amsterdam, I must make a stop at one of my favorite stores of all time – Kitch Kitchen!
They have transformed the store into a Winter Warenhuis – lucky me.  Now I just have to remember we are flying home so space and weight is an issue …. hope I find a good oilcloth table cloth but as it’s heavy will have to put it in my hand luggage.


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