Elf On The Shelf: Asteroid & PIxie Are Back

The Elves, Asteroid & Pixie have arrived for the third year.  They always come the day after Thanksgiving in our house! The kids are having a lot of laughs about them.  When they come down in the am to have breakfast, they look to see what they’ve done and make comments – which coincidentally the elves tend to do the next day.

Day 1 – Skipping Rope Competition 

First you have to understand how much Maebh loves to skip – she does this all the time. 


Day 2 – They ate their favorite numbers from the Advent Calendars & finished my chocolates!

Day 3 – Frozen Memory

(Maebh and I played it the night before and of course she won.  I don’t try to let her win, she is just too good and wins often!)


Excuse the messy kitchen, waiting on the dishwasher to finish 🙂

Day 4 – Hide and Seek inside our the Nesting Dolls

Soren piced the back one & Maebh the colorful one and Soren got it correct.

Day 5 – Toilet Paper Roll Race

When Maebh woke up today she said, I knew they were going to roll down the steps with toilet paper – I told Papa about it yesterday!  I knew it!!”

Day 6 – Christmas Cards


The kids brought home their individual drawn Christmas cards yesterday and Maebh did some additional sketches, so they acknowledged their good jobs.

Day 7 – Orange Juice?


Day 8 – Sleeping in Stockings.

Now that the kids have put up the tree, the elves found their stockings & took a rest. 


Day 9 –  Chocolate

The kids still have two pails of Halloween candy left over and as the school is looking for donations, the elves suggested they donate them.  Kids disapprove! 

Day 10 –  Decorative Plates

Last year we made Santa & Rudolf plates and this year the elves want one for them. 


Day 11 –  

Clearly need to get back and find photos of what they did for the rest of the days!  Slacker!!

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