Burrows Beach Walk & Sea Jaw Bone

Despite being October the weather yesterday was amazing – so we took a bit of a walk on Burrows Beach in the afternoon while it was still sunny and fairly warm.

When I got to the beach, I’m normally head down searching for sea glass.  While it was approaching low tide, this beach didn’t have any sea glass to find, it was shards of broken glass all over the place – terrible.  I would’t let the kids take their shoes off it was that bad at low tide.  While the surroundings and views are nice, I’d prefer to visit another beach next time.

With shoes on, the kids had fun.

A few races and then there was this attempt at who is the most goofiest! Soren clearly won.
During this trip a bone with a tooth in it was found, so we suspect it is a seal’s jaw.  We took a photo and sent it to Bone Identifier.  Indeed it is what it was – seal jaw bone.

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