Vietnamese Summer Rolls Cooking Course

Yesterday I attended a great cooking course at The Design Yard in Dublin – a luxury kitchen showroom.   This place is great – two great kitchen islands and a perfect location for a cooking class.

Not knowing anyone at first I was thinking it would be groups who already knew each other but went along anyway as the subject was great – Vietnamese Summer rolls.  Thankfully it wasn’t that way… apart from a group of four ladies who did, the rest were individuals, along with a couple from the US who live here now.  So it was a nice social event too.

Part of a new meetup group, Dublin Cookery Club, hosted by a lovely South African chef, the class was great.  We first learned how to skillfully work delicate rice paper wrappers (clearly I do better with the larger papers).  We learned how to make delicious fillings and all ingredients like shredded chicken, shredded pork, vermicelli rice noodles, small prawns, organic five spice tofu, herbs, and tons of veggies.  And we learned to make three dipping sauces.  It was so yummy!

The girl across from me took my photo, which was nice offer – not often I take a photo of myself but for this case I had to do it.
Days after the course, I visited the big Asian Market again as the family LOVES  me to make these.
I loved the class and will be doing another soon – I’m going to sign up for the SUSHI making class next – just waiting for the date to be confirmed.  For €35.00, you eat what you make and take home the rest you made, plus you learn a skill/dish – I think it’s a great value!

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