Beach Days: Portmarnock Beach

Two years ago (next week), we moved from North Norfolk, UK to Dublin and the first beach we visited in mid-September was Portmarnock Beach.

Both today and yesterday we popped over for a couple hours.  Yesterday was just for a quick walk … as we knew it was a bit windy and there were reports of loads of lion mane jelly fish – which shut down nearby beaches.  

Of course, they spotted the ice cream truck on the beach so why not, ice cream for the kids!

We swear, Soren in his past life was a Golden Retriever – always splashing in the water.

Today was to play in the water…. taking care for those lion mane jelly fish – which we didn’t see any of today.

 We built a small sandcastle … but it was a bit too windy to go in the water.

We headed home and the kids had a water balloon fight in the back garden.  The fall at the end turned out to be okay- no major injuries – thankfully!

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