Marvelous Beasts – Zoo Lab @ Howth Library

Today I took the kids up to the Howth Library to the Marvelous Beasts session put on by Zoo Labs which is from the UK. The kids had a great time and I even had some chuckles.

Soren and Maebh got to hear a story similar to the Gruffalo and learn about various beasts along the way.  The corn snake, which is not as big as the boa constrictor he once held in Beverly and talked about today, but it was still cool.

A corn snake, rat, cockroach, African snail, a tarantula (thankfully she stayed in her cage), and 160 legged millipedes!  I thought they only had 100 legs or that tarantulas fire hair from their butt?













She’d be a great one to have in the school.  I’m really amazed at the number of parents who drop their kids off at these events and leave.  I get if you have a toddler who can’t sit still and requires you to stay, but that is not the case in 90% of these.  They drop them off and leave… I LOVE to be here with my kids learning about these creatures and seeing them truly enjoy it.

They are only little for so long – in a blink of an eye, they are grown!  My oldest will be 9 in January and it makes me somewhat sad about that.

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