Pony Camp: Childvision @ Drumcondra

Back in April, when we visited ChildVision in Drumcondra, we signed up Maebh for a pony camp in August. Seems like forever ago when we signed her up – yet today was her last day.

As with all the pony camps in the area, the three day camp teaches them all aspects of a pony.  They groom them, muck out, ride them, learn about all the tools like the plastic curry comb, the metal curry comb, the body brush, dandy brush and a hoof pick – all of which we looked up online together :)It was by far Maebh’s favorite hobby so far …. and apart from riding, she LOVED scooping the poop. LOL – I will have to remember that for when she is older!

She and two other smaller girls, had a pony name Todd. But she also said some of the equipment said Toad (I think the letter ‘a’ was really a ‘d’ but she didn’t realize it …. she was adamant it was named both so we left it as that.)   Also he was either 8, 10 or 9 years old – ha!

On the third day, the kids all took turns riding on their specific pony/horse and in the end got a certificate and rosette – huge deal for the kids!!

And here are two videos showing her “skills”.

She already wants to sign up for the October Halloween Vacation week camp and Soren does too!!

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