Bray Air Show: Red Arrows & more!

On Sunday we went down to the Bray Air Show along with 90,000 others to get to watch the Red Arrows and some of the other great acrobatic sky teams. When we lived in the UK, the UK Air Force Red Arrows were supposed to fly during the Cromer Carnival, but there was a mix up with bookings so the Blades Acrobatic Air Display Team came in and saved the show – literally.  They were great, but I’ve always wanted to see the Red Arrows and we did!

We took the DART down as we knew it was going to be a mad house with no parking and major traffic – and glad we did.  It was a slow journey as we had to stop at each station and pack on more people into the DART.  Even with added trains it was packed – but as we got on early, we had seats…. The kids, our student and Nils took the side with the better view – but as you’ll see here, our student was more interested in his ipod than the view – JUST SLIGHTLY ANNOYING!!  I’m pretty sure his parents sent him here to speak as much English as possible not just play games.  
Anyway, enough about that and back to the show.  When we arrived there was a major fire up on Bray Head (I assume started by a careless cigarette) but they got it fairly under control after about two hours – but terrible to have happened.
We found a space to sit down on the edge of the slope down to the beach where we sat for the first couple acts.
After the first show, there were a few others like the Coast Guard, Wing Walkers and the famous Italians – the Frecce Tricolor Aerobatic Diplay closed out the show…
but then then it stated to drizzle so we left… in between acts, our student did this….clearly doesn’t appreciate this opportunity to see this world-famous pilots.
Seriously – and that is after waking up at 11 am!  Instead of taking the train back we took it one stop to Greystones – had an ice cream and then took the train back home.
It was very crowded but me and the kids still had fun.  I will definitely go back next year but perhaps get seats in the hospitality viewing area – where you can hear the emcee walk through the maneuvers and discusses the various pilots and acts.

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