Pond Dipping at Botanic Gardens Dublin

The National Botanic Gardens here in Dublin paired up with the Nature Reserve and hosting four pond dipping sessions this year – May, June July & August.  It was their chance to investigate what lives under the lily pads and thought they’d enjoy it.

I booked us in in July and glad we did. With the fractured elbow I was tempted to give up our spot, but Soren had a great time, so I’m glad we didn’t.

Here are some of the creatures we were looking for today.

We were a bit more cautious than other parents, but then again, I’m a bit of a helicopter parent so it comes with the territory.  Here Nils has the kids by the arm as use the net (granted the shortest one in the group).

The kids have done dipping before with all the paraphernalia with nets, bowls, spy-glasses, etc in Sheringham Park and thankfully no one fell in – not even the super annoying kid we will not name!

After the pond dipping, we took a short walk and visited the rose garden and I took tons of photos of the flowers around. I’d like return one day alone and take photos all day.

The gardens are so nice, I really have to return soon.

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