Sea Glass Hunting

For the past few years, I’ve been collecting Sea Glass and occasionally drift wood as that is not as common here as a past time event when at the beach.

It is only now that I’m thinking about doing something with it.   Perhaps some frames or jewelry or a wind chimes.  See the endless things you can do with this stuff.  I recently found a new beach much closer to my house so I’ve popped over there a few times and scored quite a bit.  Yesterday I was there for less than an hour and I found a lego in the mix.  It could be from a child taking it to the beach but I recently read that many legos are washing up on the shores of UK & Ireland.  Apparently a container of legos sank – in looking at the types of pieces and those found by the lady in the photo, I’m 100% sure it’s not from that load, but kind of cool.

My previous find…after two hours.   Just with the blue pieces were larger 🙂

Once I get a dremmel to make holes in the glass and some special glue and create something, I’ll come back here & post about it.

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