Sea Glass Hunting

For the past few years, I’ve been collecting Sea Glass and occasionally drift wood as that is not as common here as a past time event when at the beach.

It is only now that I’m thinking about doing something with it.   Perhaps some frames or jewelry or a wind chimes.  See the endless things you can do with this stuff.  I recently found a new beach much closer to my house so I’ve popped over there a few times and scored quite a bit.  Yesterday I was there for less than an hour and I found a lego in the mix.  It could be from a child taking it to the beach but I recently read that many legos are washing up on the shores of UK & Ireland.  Apparently a container of legos sank – in looking at the types of pieces and those found by the lady in the photo, I’m 100% sure it’s not from that load, but kind of cool.

My previous find…after two hours.   Just with the blue pieces were larger 🙂

Once I get a dremmel to make holes in the glass and some special glue and create something, I’ll come back here & post about it.

Author: Stars Stripes and Mayonnaise

I am an American currently living in the Netherlands. I enjoy snapping photos and blogging along the way about our family’s journey as we moved from USA to the UK for a couple years then onto Ireland for three & half years and now in our next adventure in the Netherlands where the kids and are are learning Dutch. As you can probably tell by the name of the blog “Stars, Stripes & Mayonnaise” our family is half American & half Dutch and if you know one thing about the Dutch is that they LOVE their mayonnaise! I seen ’em do it man, they fuckin‘ drown ’em in it. When I started this blog way when it was to capturing memories of our family – essentially a journal of our family adventures, their love of mayonnaise, my love of photography, D.I.Y., crafting, sea glass hunting and exploring with our two amazing kids.

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