FAI Soccer Camp Week

Today both Soren and Maebh started a week-long soccer camp at his local club.   Despite Soren having a painful right arm due to a playground injury, he has continued on playing.  If he is still in pain by Saturday, we’ll take him into have an x-ray.

It’s Maebh’s first time really doing anything with soccer as it’s always been Soren from his days as a Messi Monkey in Danvers, MA.

At the same place, Aztec Soccer, he did Soccer Tots and then Beverly Youth Soccer and British Soccer Camp, which he loved right before moving to the UK.

And as a little guy supporting Holland in the World Cup!

Clearly Soren loves the sport and I think Maebh will also be crazy about it too.  But she’s doing Irish Dancing and now a week-long gymnastics camp is in the works for the Summer.  This fall she’ll be joining the Academy to get the basics down.

UPDATE:  The week is over and both kids had a great time.  They left with a certificate, a great ball, new kit and some new skills.

Soren’s arm is still swollen and painful so Nils will take him to the Children’s Hospital tomorrow am.

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