July 4th – Independence Day from Dublin, Ireland

Every since we left the US (4 years ago this September) we’ve never celebrated July 4th abroad. When we lived in the UK the kids were still in school until mid-July so we skipped it.  Last year in Ireland we didn’t do anything – but this year we were invited to an American couple’s house for a big party, so I brought my delicious Buffalo chicken dip.  It was a lot of fun!  A good mix of Irish, International families and Americans.

We had a few chuckles as someone brought Trump faces and the host had a “Make American Great Again” hat which was given to them from a friend.

When Maebh was not practicing her cart wheels on the grass, she played bean bag toss and was very good.

Soren then played soccer and basketball.

Their house was beautifully decorated with a patriotic theme.

In Boston, we’d often go down to Anthony’s house for a pool party.   When they were younger, we stayed locally in Winthrop and watched the parade.   Boston is famous for it’s Heritage and is THE Place to be for the 4th of July!    As the kids have not been back to Boston for two years, I hope that next summer, we can make a bit trip and stay there for a long vacation.  At 9 and 7, it would be a great age to explore the city and take trips up to NH for Santa’s Village and other fun things in the White Mountains.   I am going to start looking at house swaps and/or renting a sabbatical house in Boston area – or event staying with friends for a bit but getting a place up in the mountains.

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