Ears Piercing at Claire’s

To celebrate Maebh going from Sr. Infants to First grade, she asked to have her ears pierced.  As she’s 6 and really wanted it and had been talking about it for a few months, we agreed and I took her to Claire’s in Santry.  The women started up selling from silver posts to 9 carat gold to 18 carat gold…then from cleaning solution for 3 weeks to the 6 weeks version – grrrr….  I never recalled so many choices.  So I obliged and took the 9 carat (which was “much better” than sterling. Seriously, when I was a kid there was one choice and it was called HYPO-ALLERGENIC.  Your choices were gold colored studs or silver.  Today there was about 30 choices – and Maebh picked hers so we agreed.

First she as excited…. then….
Then I could tell that she was nervous.  First he lady puts dots on the ears where they will pierce, but a few wipes we were finally done.   I knew she was nervous and Soren helped at first.. but then didn’t help much as when he saw the machine which they pierce, he yells “oh my God that is huge and it looks painful. “

When it was time, the two ladies start talking to her and say they are “just going to measure” and then quickly one said, one, two, three and it was done.  But Maebh was not ready and moved a bit so the one earring didn’t go through. out comes the tears… and she had to do it again.   Seriously, at 6 years old, it would have been much better to tell her the truth and tell her here is the big pinch so she is prepared.   Anyway, after some tears she was fine and is happy with her new flower studs.

Now we just have to twist them and clean them 3 times a day for 6 weeks – as I didn’t fall for the 3 week solution pitch vs. the 6 week solution pitch for another 10. 🙂

I made the attached collage of her bravery!

Oh and one more thing – not the cleverly and strategically placed Beanie Boo’s.  I nearly broke down and offered her one to help console the pain.  🙂

Update:  One side ended up getting infected and she decided to take them out all together.  So perhaps in a few years, we’ll retry but for now, she’s fine without earrings.

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