Do It Yourself: Nail & String Art

Yesterday I tried a project, which I had been wanting to do for a while now – string art.  I think it came out great, but the wood was not the best – old shelf from a broken bookshelf – so instead of tossing it out, I recycled it, but it’s not “real” wood.  Also the nails were too short, so must keep that in mind when I buy more nails – longer are better.

First you put in the nails, then wrap the string…. this can be done in different patters and colors, but for the first one I didn’t fuss much.

Final item.  I think it’s cute and I have it in Soren’s room.

Maebh wants one so will do one for her possibly on the last shelf thing I have but what I really want to do is Massachusetts.    There are a few examples out there which I like so will do something similar but not exact.

If I ever get around to doing more, I’ll update.

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