Bank Holiday Weekend: Backyard BBQ, Bubbles, Beach and Blessing of the Boats

What amazing stretch of weather we are having here in Ireland.   It makes sense that we’re having great weather as is the tradition when the kids begin to sit their Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.

We broke out the BBQ today!   When my friend moved from our house, she left her old charcoal BBQ for us – but we though it was fairly rusted.  Well I took it out of the garage and after cleaning it up a bit it was perfect.  We had a hiccup starting the coals, but we now think we know to do it next time.    Our neighbor next door has a gas one and has not used it in 3 years and offered to give it to us.  It’s in great shape, needs a good clean – but we may take up the offer.

The kids had a bit of playing in the garden with the nets, bubbles and balls.

And of course Maebh practicing her cart wheels and handstands which she still can’t master yet.

Speaking of bubbles the bubbles from Lidl are the best!!  The other day the kids were using them and they were huge.  I went back to Lidl to pick up more and got two more containers of the mix.  One thing I’ve learned is that if you see something at Lidl and have the money for it, buy asap as the next day it can & will be gone!

Today we’re heading up to Howth for the Blessing of the Boats before heading off the beach ….
more photos to come.

We never made it to the Blessing of the Boats but spent a few hours at Donabate Beach – it was great, but when we were leaving it was SOOO busy. Turns out four of beaches North of the area including Rush, Balbriggen, Skerries and Loushinny were closed due to bad water (sewage – ewww!)

At home we broke out the Crazy Daisy and the kids ate their second ice cream of the day!!

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