Wexford: Classic Car Show & Courtown

Today we took the kids for a journey to Wexford – to visit a Classic Car show at the Wells House in Gorey.   The property was great, kids play area out back, archery, some animals, shops, etc.  While I wish we did more exploring, we only had a picnic, kids did archery, viewed all of the cars and we left.  The line for the bathrooms were about 40 long and that was at 12:30 pm the start of the event.  When we left, the line for the BBQ was well over an hour long .. there were queues to go down the slide – way too many people .

Lovely cute buildings which house craft shops.

Great playground area.

After the picnic, the kids tried out Archery – at €3.00 for 10 bows, we had to do it.   Apparently there was a falconry guy there with a barn owl, but Nils forgot to mention it to use until after so we didn’t do it.  Then again the kids held barn owls many times at Happisburgh Owls, Deepdale Festival, Burren Birds of Prey, and we even had one in our back meadow in England so it’s not that they HAD to do it vs it would be fun!

Between Nils and Soren, they knew a lot about the cars – but for Maebh and I we liked the Triumphs, VW busses and bugs and the minis.

Afterwards, we drove over to Courtown … it was okay village – the sea was the best part of it!   A bit like Great Yarmouth without all the casinos – only one.  The kids enjoyed the fun fair for a bit and we left.

Fortunately for us, we left at about 2:00 pm to head towards the beach as it was getting very busy.  We knew if we stuck around any longer, getting out would be a nightmare – which thanks to Facebook, we see it was up to 2 hours from some to get out.

And the 2016 People’s Choice Award is Cadillac DeVille Convertible.

Today at school I told a mum about our trip and she asked what beach we visited.  When I said, Courtown but we didn’t like it – she cracked up laughing and said if there was one area to avoid it would be that one.  lol   Wish we knew earlier …  it’s nicknamed “Costa del Courtown”.


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