USCGC Barque Eagle

Today we took the kids on the USCGC Eagle, the US Coast Guard Training Vessel, which is in Dublin port until Tuesday for the first time in 20 years.  I might take a ride out to Bull Island to see it set sail out to London… just need to figure out timing, etc.

Friends of the US Embassy in Dublin were able to get a onboard from 9-10 am each morning for a self-guided tour and not have to wait in line for all others.  We brought our US passports in case but it was not required.. apart from one armed ERU officer chatting across the street, there were not other security measures in place – then again – apart from a bunch of Americans onboard, it’s not exactly a war ship. 

The 90 meters (295 ft) in length, Eagle is the largest tall ship flying the stars and stripes and the only active square-rigger in the United States government service.  Constructed in 1936, it was originally commissioned as Horst Wessell by the German Navy.  Eagle was a war reparation for the US following WWII.   During this sailing it hosts cadets from the Royal Malaysian and Honduran Navies, who after they graduate with a 4-year degree from the US Coast Guard Academy, will return to their countries and shared what they learned. 

Immediately afterwards, we took a small drive around the corner into the Grand Canal Docklands and saw the famous mural of U2

At Surfdock, a kid was practicing his skiing –  was fun to see and Soren would LOVE to do that!  They have a week long camp there – perhaps something for when he’s 10 or so.

There are the dragon boats too – but not sure if anyone can join up – I once read you had to have breast cancer to particpate – might inquire.

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