Newgrange Farm: Meath, Ireland

Today I accompanied Maebh’s Senior Infants class to Newgrange Farm in Meath, Ireland.  We’ve been having a great stretch of weather and then of course, their trip day the forecast called for rain. We set out from Dublin in the rain but fortunately while it was pouring rain in Dublin, we were dry at the farm.

The kids went from station to station including play areas, hold a chick, cuddle a kitten, pet a rabbit, milk the fake cow, feed the ducks and silkies, cuddle a black lab puppy, take a ride in a wagon being pulled by a big tractor etc. Still not quite the same as an American farm and far from Davis Family Farmland, but still good and perfect for kids ages 5 & 6!

All the photos below are just of Maebh….. due to school privacy policy, etc, I didn’t take any photos of the other kids.

Based on how much Maebh had with her class, I know together both our kids would love to return as a family so that will be on the list of places to visit.  28. for a family of four – it’s a good value for a day out.  We could pack a picnic and stay all day. Easter appears to be a popular time to visit this farm, so if we’re not away next year, we’ll keep it in mind.

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