Maebh’s First Irish Dancing Feis

This morning (age 6) Maebh heb0fb-3397badd-72be-488d-839d-43e4599c0310.jpgad her first Irish Dancing Feis at the local community centre, where she takes a weekly class.   What I like about this school is that until they older and do external competitions, she doesn’t force you to buy wigs, fancy costumes and tons of make up.  She makes it fun for them and her entire goal of this show is to give them confidence to get on stage in front of a crowd.  The competitions against other schools come later when they are a bit older.

She’s been practicing a lot and it really showed.  She was very focused!!  She is the girl on the far left with white shirt & skirt.


In the end, each girl took home a trophy, medal and a package of sweets!




It is only in a year or two when they start to compete against each other to win the big trophies in the back of the room.

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