Ibiza: Santa Eulària des Riu

Another one of the areas which our family enjoys is the bigger town of Santa Eulària des Riu.  Here you can see it’s location on the map.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.45.36

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.45.51

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.46.11.png

We have a few favourite places for drinks like Kallisol, and food like Chicho’s Pizza and shops like Pacha and “Shop Santa Eulària” – aka Del Mar where we got Maebh water shoes last year and they got their fans this year. While the beach is small it has a great marina with tons of bars and cafes, clear water and a lovely promenade to walk both day and night. Here are some photos but now that my phone broke, I will have to update with those photos later, along with photos from Maebh’s camera.

A few streets  over from the shopping streets where you’ll find loads of boutiques, you’ll find a pretty promenade, where there are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes, plus a sandy beach – but to me it’s not the BEST beach around.   So if you wanted to choose a destination on the island based on the beach, this is NOT where I’d pick.  There are loads of hotels nearby but I’d say most rent apartments here.   There is also an exclusive marina with some nice boats and lovely cafes too!

Our first afternoon here we enjoyed happy hour cocktails …. which did my head in and had three days of migraines immediately after.

There is a kids playground just opposite the marina which the kids like.  There is a  Italian gelato place with wifi so that helps when the kids want to play and you need something to do too.

Or you can opt to do the mini exercise circuit in the path just next to the park.    But you won’t be able to see the kids… or you can opt to visit the brand new playground next door to the Mercadona just up past the large free car pack.  The kids LOVED it there!

Santa Eulalia Ferry provide a regular ferry service to Formentera – which we did from Ibiza city!  If I can find my photos from there, I’ll post them soon. 

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