Ibiza: Cala Llyena Beach Picnic

Today we had a picnic at Cala Llyena after walking around the market (car boot sale). Soren purchased sunglasses fit for a cool dude.  My guess is they will be broken before the end of our trip.  Sounds harsh, but the reality is that our kids and sunglasses don’t last long.  

Nils purchased Maebh a “homemade” hulu hoop for €8. Can you say SUCKA!!   Though she loves it – it won’t come home on the plane and well, nuff said.





I bought a turkish beach mat and a pair of earrings – both for €2 each.  (photos to come)

The beach was great, no jellyfish but again, all Dutch and we were with 11 Dutch,  two 1/2 Dutch slash American kids and me, am American. 😉 oefening, oefening, oefening!


Great beach with a chiringquito where we the kids enjoyed an ice cream later.

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