Ibiza: Cala Valdella

Today we left the house in San Carlos with the expectation of rain so myself and Soren we’re in jeans. Little did we know we’d end up in a really warm beach in the south called Cala Valdela, where it was full Summer and full of Dutch (and jellyfish)!  There were others there in pants/long tops too, but now we’re going to always bring beach bag in the car while here on vacation.  Plus it’s supposed to warm up next week.

The red dot on the map is where it is located on the island.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 14.53.36

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 14.57.06.png

Anyway wearing jeans it was a bit difficult to fully enjoy the beach but after an ice cream, Soren and Maebh found some German friends called Samuel and Ada to play football for a bit.

We visited this beautiful beach last year and if no jellyfish, it’s one to return to again. Plenty of lovely cafes (even one with a bouncy castle), cocktail bars, supermarkets and ice cream stalls around.

Jellyfish galore hence why no one was in the water!

Man selling “genuine fake” goods!


We sat in the cafe Bon Sol – which had the BEST Bella pizza! If you click on that link you’ll get the webcam.



Fast forward to Friday, we returned to take advantage of a bit of sun before the rain.  Sadly, way too many jellyfish to enjoy the water.

Soren then had a good hour and a half playing football with a Dutch boy called Boas and Italian boy named Jean Luca.   They both had some good moves but Soren held his own and scored some goals too!

Then there was the mandatory ‘baseball’ game, paddles and catch.

While there were too many jellyfish to swim this time, this is a part of the Island which we’d love to visit again – even stay.


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