Joint Party – Soren’s 8th & Maebh’s 6th @ Fitzone at Westwood Club

As we were away in the UK for Soren’s actual birthday, he never had a party with his friends in Dublin and for many reasons we never got around to having a party.  So now that Maebh turned 6, she wanted a party too but after much back and forth, we decided not to have it at home with a Pirate theme, but rather at some indoor place.  Then we had the idea of joining them up and letting Soren take 5 of his best friends with him and Maebh the same thing – so we’d have a total of 12 kids.  So many times kids invite the entire class and it’s hectic so we scaled it back a bit and only invite those which they really play with daily.

They really wanted to have Jump Zone but unfortunately the only time they had free for the next few weekends were at 6 pm on a Sunday which is a terrible time to host a birthday party or at 10 am on a Sunday which would prevent kids who play Rugby then from attending.  So we ended up at Fitzone at Westwood Club.

Thankfully there is a party host who deals with the kids because I came down with a migraine and just the food & cake alone did my head in 🙂  I was in bed that evening from 6:45 pm until the next morning.    Surely they didn’t cause it, but boy a few of them were a LOT of work.  I feel badly for their teacher!!  Maebh’s group on the other hand were such sweet kids – so many cuddles and smiles and stories.


Yes, generic party which is done a lot, but it was affordable and easy.    As they get older, I’m sure they will want to have a couple friends over and do something more special.

Coincidentally, their grandparents were in town over the weekend so they go to come too.

All in all, they had a blast and happy they had fun and both got to celebrate their birthdays with some of their closest friends.

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