Child Vision – Drumcondra, Dublin

Today I took the kids over to visit Child Vision, while Nils’ had a meeting at Boh’s.

They have such a lovely set up there.

Jo Jo’s cafe (serving hot food and ice cream), equine therapy & horseback riding lessons, a charity shop, animals like two sheep, two goats, a peacock, birds, chickens, and a whole fairy section – which is done up so nicely.

Their charity shop was a mixed bag – the kids wanted to be outside so I didn’t spend much time looking but I’m sure if I had more time I’d find some stuff. I was hoping for some josphurs or riding boots for Maebh but not such luck.


The kids were able to buy a bottle of food to feed some of the animals.

They got a kick out of the goats, who bullied the two sheep!  Finally, the kids worked out a plan, one distracts the goats with food, while the other fed the sheep.




While we were there, we signed Maebh up for a 3-day pony camp in early August!  We also asked that she be added to the wait list for horseback riding lessons and if I could possibly do some volunteering with the Equine Therapy.

Many of the horses were being brought into their stables by the kids doing their lessons.



They had a whole Fairy Garden – where you can close your eyes and make a wish!







Obviously, a lot of the budgies are in mating season so often a few were “doing it” and the kids would say look their hopping over each other or trying to go on his back.   Two of them appeared to be kissing each other or pecking and Soren said, “I think they are on their honeymoon!”

There were about 10 of them in the cage who was without tail feathers so didn’t fly well. I assume it is due to a molt.



The peacock was stunning but oddly all the doves in its cage had their tails up. Perhaps t’s the norm but at my in-laws, in the UK they have tons doves in the garden and none of them do that with their tail feathers.






Now we’ll go back in August for Maebh’s pony camp but we’ll surely be back for a visit before then!


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