Maebh’s 6th Birthday!

Hard to believe our “baby” has just turned SIX!

Soren and Nils picked her up a 6 button to wear at school today along with a giant #6.  Well it’s actually a 9 but they didn’t have a pink 6 so Nils improvised but it works.

So this is what is greeting her this am when she comes down for breakfast!

In the box is a pink Unicorn Stretchkin!  She’s been asking for one for a LONG time!






Then after school – first thing the kids do is play with the ‘new’ thing.

Then after Irish Dancing, we baked a cake together which she totally designed.

Then when it came time to eat this giant pile of sugar – we couldn’t find a lighter nor matches. LOL so Soren and Nils visited the neighbor who, as always, was able to help.




We are still working out her party but we might have a visit from Pake & Beppe too so that would be nice for her!

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