Soren Scored a Goal in Saturday’s Game

During the winter, I’ve not been going to Soren’s soccer games as I have Maebh with me and she gets cold and bored so we tend to stay home.  But as she was attending a birthday party of a boy in her class, whom she calls her best friend, I thought I’d drop and run back to see Soren’s game.

This is the first year that these kids have played together as a team – under 8’s.  There are a few “better” players and some younger ones who truly should be in the academy still but that would cause an uproar to suggest it. Anyway, as I arrived sure enough Soren had a face to face collision with a kid who had to come out of the game for a few minutes.  I was taking some photos and videos and luckily I filmed Soren scoring a goal!

Here are a few photos of today’s match.


The 80-pound “under 8-year old boy” with the pink shoes was a power-house knocking his way around.


Enter a caption



Lefty but kicks with both feet!

He wears his long hair in a headband but later at home he tried a “boy bun” and it worked.  We joked that unless he gets wider headband, we’ll have to give him a boy bun at each game.



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