Dublin Bay Prawn Festival – Howth – 2016

Our family returned this year to the Howth Prawn Festival, which we attended last year too.    This year was extra special as I won a Facebook competition, so I received 5 punts – each is valid for one item of food  a 35. value!!

The kids went into the fun mirror house and as instructed, took their time, put their hands out in front of themselves.  However, two different sets of kids over took ours, running and laughing – seconds later a girl runs full-force, face first into the glass – blood everywhere.    About 10 minutes later another boy same deal, face first.  The guy working whispered no matter how many times he says no running, there is always some who don’t listen and just go crazy.

The kids of course, played a few games like hook a duck and horse racing.
Soren won a gun (replaces the one he broke when we lived in UK), Maebh requested a bow and arrow and Nils the beauty hair set for his in-the-making man bun.

Overall the funfair was not as good as it was last year – no cotton candy (aka candy floss), ice cream, bumper cars, water gun game, ferris wheel, etc.   Soren (yes our 8 year old oyster-loving boy) and I both got 3 oysters each and then later we returned and he got chili prawns and Maebh got french fries.    I think he’s going to be the next Jamie Oliver. 🙂


After that we headed home on the DART! 

Lucky for us, we are only TWO stops away from this fantastic village.  Perhaps one day we’ll live there – as we’re always there and our son plays soccer there, but there are a few issues. 1) Further away from school, house prices are incredibly high to buy, some homes are tiny (with a hubby of 6’8′ that is a problem!) and there are not much options in terms of family home rentals so for now we stay put.

This is the Facebook review which I left for the people who run the event.

“Great atmosphere in Howth, as always. Loved the bigger tent with picnic benches this year. Loads of delicious food stalls – but would recommend two lines, bigger booths or duplicate huts – as waiting an hour in line is quite tough with little ones and then trying to find a place to sit was a challenge. Those not interested in eating the food in the pavilion, can always venture to nearby cafe or pub or bring a picnic. Live music and good entertainment for families like a fun fair, face painting and bouncy castle and friendly staff. Miss the giant Ferris wheel. Next year though, I hope it’s in late April or even in the summer for better weather, but could not be possible due to the prawns being in “season”? Fab family day out!!”

Would we go back – YES!

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