World Book Day: Obligatory Photo

For the past couple of years, World Book Day somehow snuck up on us quickly and the kids do not participate. This year, however, they asked to participate (well at least Maebh did) and said she wanted to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  So when we were in the UK at the end of January, we stumbled upon a beautiful Dorothy dress in a charity shop for 4.00 we couldn’t pass it up.  Maebh looked at it all the time and kept talking about World Book Day where she can wear it – alongside her beautiful and perfectly-matching shiny red shoes.

Soren on the other hand didn’t have a character picked out so I thought hard about what costumes we already had in the house – a pirate!  So Maebh and I picked him up a book which he happens to LOVE!  So today he went to school as a pirate.  Unfortunately, he told me he had a bit of a confidence issue at the start of the day and didn’t want to take his coat off, but as there was a catwalk, he got into it.

and after swimming lessons, Maebh dressed up as a pirate!

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