Botanic Gardens: Coffee & Bonsai Exhibition

Today I stopped by the National Botanic Gardens to meet some people for a coffee and to see the bonsai exhibition.  It’s such a lovely place just 10 minutes from our house – must remember to come here more often.   The kids love it here too and they still occasionally talk about entering their pumpkin decorating competition next year.

There was a bonsai exhibition on so made it a point to have a small walk around and a viewing of the exhibit.   Can’t help but think of Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid.

We took a walk around the kitchen garden and a few paths before heading out as I had the school run, otherwise,  I would have stayed longer and walked more.  Looking forward to returning again soon as the place is so beautiful and FREE!

The cafe was very good too.  As the group opted for breakfast, I waited an hour and ate lunch 🙂

The cafe by 11 am was packed so come early.  They take cards here but the car park requires notes or coins – a bit old fashioned in that it doesn’t take cards, but at least they have a car park.  The nearby streets have parking (some free, others for a fee) as the car park does fill up and if you are unlucky you can get stuck in a queue waiting for one to leave in order to enter.

More info on location, parking, opening items, can be found on their website.

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