Chilly Afternoon in Howth

The four of us took a short but cold walk around Howth Pier before heading up to Abbe Tavern for a “drink in the pubbie.”
























Afterwards we headed to Leo Burdocks for a quick bite to eat – but it was HORRIBLE!  I have no idea how or why it stays in business.  Actually, it’s folks who do not know what good fish & chips are think this place, along with loads of teenagers.

I have eaten Fish & Chips all across England, Scotland, Ireland and back in the US.   All I can say about Leo Burdocks in Dublin is that it is BELOW AVERAGE and this place is WAY OVERRATED, OVERPRICED and NOT WORTH ALL THE TOURIST HYPE.

I know it’s new in Howth but it’s official, I’ll never go back again. Worst food ever – but nice staff.

As we live in the town over so we are luckily able to visit it often, especially in the summer!!  Love where you live!

I don’t suspect we’ll live here forever so take advantage of Howth’s beautify offerings winter or summer, rain or sunshine!

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