Ireland Road Tripping: Dublin to Mourne Mountains

As the kids had two days off this week for their February Mid-Term, so we spent Friday, away from Dublin on a mini road trip.

We’ve been to Carlingford many times and often look across at the Mourne Mountains saying we should head that way.. so that is the way we travelled.

So we made our final destination Newcastle, Northern Ireland.  It’s a mix between the British Seaside areas like Hunstanton with beach-side fun fairs and beach side pools with slides to Seahouses and Berwick-Upon-Tweed in the Scottish borders. But add in the fantastic mountains in the background. The kids loved it… and want to come back in the Summer.

We didn’t make it as far as Strangford Lough which is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  It’s the first marine nature reserve and is the British Isles’ largest sea inlet with some stunning scenery and well known attractions around its shores.

There is also a ferry which takes you from Strangford to Portaferry – could be a small adventure and then follow the coast up and see what those small fishing villages are like – could be very cute and scenic.  We did a ferry crossing last year this time and they found it fun and bit wet and choppy.

As Soren has a football game on Saturday at 10 am, we’ll be returning home that evening.  Otherwise, it could be fun to stay one night in a hotel giving us more time to explore.  However, my money is on the game being cancelled due to bad weather and the pitch being too muddy.

Oh yeah, the whole area in famous for the filming of the Game of Thones, but as we’ve never seen it, we have no clue even what to look for in the area! 🙂

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