21 Day Organizing Challenge from Organised Chaos

Yesterday the guest speaker at the American Women’s Club of Dublin monthly meeting was Sarah from OrganisedChaos.ie.

She gave us tips and directions on how to get our houses organized and ways to eliminate clutter.  On her blog and YouTube channel, she offers a 21 day challenge which I’ve started to do #GO21

While the kids were at school, I headed over to Ikea to have look around.  I knew that I was not going to buy a lot but picked up a couple cardboard boxes to clear off the kids dresser tops.  Soren tends to collect pebbles, and tons of junk.  While I throw away tons, he really wants to keep things like tickets to soccer matches so with the advice of Sarah, memory boxes allow the kids to keep their junk but keep it tidy.


It was not on purpose, but turns out the pink box is smaller but has dividers = perfect for her small hair barrettes, bracelets, etc.

ORGANIZE UNDER THE SINK  I also bought a green plastic box to put under my kitchen sink to hold all the bottles.  I’m not sure it’s the best solution but for now it works.  I can always use that box elsewhere.

Anyway, with her tips and following the 21 Day Challenge – I hope to get some new ideas. I already have tons of things organized like – sock and underwear drawer, bathroom has boxes, hats and gloves are in boxes under the stairs, etc.


As I have less than a dozen handbags and they are all empty and sitting in my drawer, I will skip that one and tackle this damn messy playroom.   While she said remove everything and sort into piles then put back, I physically couldn’t do that – so I improvised a bit.  I have three boxes heading to the charity shop, [big box of wooden trains which will go into the loft], one big box out in the trash and still have tons of toys left – will have to be sorted again.  Perhaps 1/2 of these “good, current toys” will go upstairs and every few months swap them – it works for some friends.On Monday, I’m popping back to IKEA to pick up an two, white Kallax 2×2 shelves – using my voucher from our Christmas Tree to pay part of it.It was like this…

and after a few hours of sorting, tossing, donating, vacuuming and re-arranging…
we have a floor.  Still more to go but at least it is manageable.
Here is the updated playroom with all toys in their places – let’s see how long this lasts.  Also, I will get rid of some toys again but for now, Maebh and Soren both want to keep these.

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