Surprise trip to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With Nils away and the kids on their second to last day before returning to school, I thought we’d do something fun.  I originally told them that the Peanuts Movie was playing at 12:30 pm and that I’d be taking them to see that movie.  So when we got to the theatre they were playing around in the arcade area, they had no idea that I bought tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens instead.

I could hardly contain myself as the trailers started showing things that were pretty family-friendly but the last one was a Marvel movie and was best suited for 12+.  Anyway, as the movie started, Soren still not realising we’re watching Star Wars, was reading the text and asked very seriously “mom, I forget what are we watching again?”  It was then that I said Star Wars, and he yells, YES!!

Now Maebh on the other hand, well at 5.8 she is a bit young and I knew she would not enjoy it, but with Nils away I couldn’t keep her at home with him. Plus all last week when Soren said he wanted to see the movie, she insisted she was old enough to enjoy it and come along.    I will say she was still good, just sat in my lap a few times – then again, she did that at The Good Dinosaur too.

As for the movie, I guess it was okay.  I’m not sure of all the characters, nor the plot, so this guy who resembles Dark Vader a bit called Ben – no clue.  In the early 80’s when I was like 8 or so, my mother took me to see Star Wars – only I don’t know if it was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back or Star Wars Episode VI; Return of the Jedi at the Charles Street Cinema near MGH and never saw another after!  Soren loved it.   Maebh says she “hated it”.  lol

One cool thing is that they filmed the ending here in Ireland at Skellig Michael!  Check out his video.

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