20 Questions to ask kids At The Start Of A new Year – on Video

At the kids’ birthdays, I write out their favorite items on a photo, but wanted to start something new. Each New Year’s Eve, I’m going to try and remember (and video as long as they allow it).   I’m going to ask the kids 20 questions and write down their replies.  Of course, my biggest problem is hate my voice on the video but as they love seeing themselves as little kids (for now) – so I know it is important to do.

Maebh:  Age 5 Senior Infants – Dublin, Ireland

Best Friend in School:  Nessa

Favorite Colour: Pink 
Favorite Toy :  Teddy
Favorite Fruit: Orange
Favorite TV Show:  Sophia The First
Favorite Movie: Frozen
Favorite Cartoon Character:  Elsa 
Favorite Favorite Lunch : Apple
Favorite Board Game: Monopoly
Favorite PS3 game: Little Big Planet 
Favorite Snack: Pringles
Favorite Animal: Unicorn
Favorite Song:  Let It Go
Favorite Book: Room on The Broom
Favorite Subject at school Maths
Take to bed: Teddy
Favorite Vacation :Spain
Holiday: Birthday
Dinner: Pasta
Favorite Sport to Play: Football
Favorite Sport to Watch: Ice Skating
Favorite Breakfast: Pancakes
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice
Favorite Playground: Malahide Castle 
Favorite Pub: O’Connells Howth 
Favorite Family Activity: Monopoly

Favorite When I get older I want to be: Nothing at first but during Soren’s video says Professional Football player in America.

Soren:  Age 7.11 Second Class  – Dublin, Ireland

Best Friend in School:  Jacob or Cael

Favorite Colour: Illumines Pink 
Favorite Toy :  Play Station 3
Favorite Fruit: Pineapple
Favorite TV Show:  Transformer Rescue Bots or Top Gear
Favorite Cartoon Character:  Spongebob
Favorite Favorite Lunch : Wrap with ham and cheese and whoegrain mustard with mayo
Favorite Board Game: Chess or Monopoly or Logo Billionaire
Favorite PS3 Game: Fifa Mindcraft 
Favorite Snack: Ice Pops
Favorite Animal: Paragon Falcon
Favorite Song:  Not in this order – U2, Guns and Roses, Right Direction, Johnny Cash & Gorillas
Favorite Book: Mindcraft Secrets & Cheats or a coloring book 
Favorite Subject at school: Golden time, art and Irish
Take to Bed: Yellow Blanket 
Favorite Vacation: Spain or the Caribbean 
Holiday: Birthday & Christmas
Dinner: Pasta
Favorite Sport to Play: Soccer
Favorite Sport to Watch: Soccer
Favorite Breakfast: Pancakes
Favorite Drink: Coca Cola 
Favorite Playground: Baldyole – next to fields to play soccer
Favorite Pub: Abbey Tavern, Howth 
Favorite Family Activity: Monopoly

Favorite When I get older I want to be: Professional Soccer Player

Anyway, no matter how horrible my voice, they can look back on it much like they look back on videos of themselves and crack up laughing.


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