Marlay Park, Rathfarnham – South Dublin

I honestly do not find myself complaining about the weather much. In fact, it’s a myth that it is always raining in Ireland.  Dublin, like North Norfolk, being in the far East of the country sees many days of full, cloudless skies.  But this winter, we have had our fair share of rainy days.  And when it rains, it isn’t a full heavy downpour all day long, unless we’re being hit with one of the many winter storms – Desmond, Eva and and now Frank shown here!

Anyway, the point is that yesterday was the FIRST day where the SUN was partially out in a week – so everyone and their mother chose to spend the day outside at local parks.  We were thinking about heading up to Malahide Castle and playground but thought it would be fun to try something new.  I remember hearing about two parks in the south of Dublin – Marlay Park and Cabineteely Park.   So we chose to check our Marlay Park – which truthfully was a nice walk, long scooting for the kids it did have a GREAT playground but the grounds of the park were nothing too special for me.  I was probably hoping for it to be like a National Trust part 🙂 but it was really just loads of grass and a pavement path.  The grass was great for playing but was muddy so we didn’t bother taking the new Christmas presents out of the car – American football and a soccer ball.   There is a small train, small golf course, GAA pitches, tennis courts and a market on the weekends.  Apparently there is a walled garden and a Demesne – but we didn’t see them at all – probably best in the summer full bloom.  What makes this park very popular is that it is home to many festival/concerts in the summer – with Longitude being the big one.



As for the ground, we prefer St. Anne’s Park in Clontarf/Raheny – but playground wise- this place is top!  Would we go back – yes probably and explore a little bit more.  But if you asked the kids, I’m sure it would be only for the playground and we’d park by the playground.  Here are some shots of their time at the playground.






And in closing, I get wind that we’re going to get hit with Storm GERTRUDE on New Year’s Day!  I’m really happy we didn’t waste our money and take a trip anywhere..towards the West Coast, as we’d be in the hotel room all day – so many are without power.


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