Halloween Festivities @ Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch, Meath, Ireland

Today we visited Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch in Julianstown, Meath to pick some pumpkins and tomorrow we’ll cut them up. What they did was they harvested loads of pumpkins and put them all in one area and that is where you’ll select your pumpkin.   We arrived at 11:20 am to line of cars so it’s very popular.  Fortunately, I had them on my Facebook page and when I saw they had (tickets via eventbrite for FREE) I booked us in on Saturday.  It went very quick and so many missed out -but we got lucky.

After we drove up the Carlingford, which is a very cute village, fully decorated for Halloween, on the edge of the Moune Mountains of Northern Ireland.  We had lunch in the same place as before and while it was good,

I think we’ll opt to try a new place next time.  Plus the Oyster guy in his van as not there – so Soren was a bitbummed as he had a 2.00 coin in his pocket, which he found at the farm, so was saving it for two of them.

On the way out of Carlingford, we took the recommendation from the guy in the Visitor Centre and stopped up at Flagstaff for views of the Moune Mountains at the picnic area.
Such nice views – well worth the short detour.   Next time, we’ll cross over the lough and into Northern Ireland to explore Game of Thrones region, etc. I’d love to get a holiday home up there for a week, explore all around the area at leisure.

This morning, we carved our pumpkins pin our pj’s.   They refused to put their hands in and remove the seeds and insides… so lucky me, I did that job.

So after I scooped out ALL THREE pumpkins,

they set off with cutting out their designs. Soren carved his name and a face and Maebh did a flower and then decorated with glitter & glue.
Tonight we added some candles to test them and will set them outside towards the end of the week.

This year we’ll stay local on Halloween.  First we’ll trick-o-treat on our street early and then at 7 pm, we’ll watch fireworks over by the school.  Who knew Ireland took part in the festivities a lot like the Americans do.
The women’s club hosted a kids Halloween party last week where they had a good time. There was a donut on a line game, limbo, trick-or-treating and more.

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