Botanic Gardens, Dublin

This past Sunday, we wanted to get out of the house and do something outdoors yet didn’t want to travel too far from Dublin.  As we’ve never been, we decided to head over to Glasnevin to check out the Botanic Gardens.  While some of the flower beds had beautiful roses and such, many of the flower beds were not in full bloom as the peak was well over.

Overall though there was an overall sense of fall and the kids played in the leaves.   As you’ll see from the photo, the colours were lovely but as I didn’t bring my “real” camera as the battery was dead my Xperia does a good enough job not super.

When we arrived we picked up a small trial which the kids could follow around the gardens.   You can choose from a selection of free trails and embark on a self-guided discovery of plants and glasshuses on display in the gardens.  Trails like “Plant Partners” explore the interaction between plants and animals and “Sense-ation” encourages children t explore the gardens using their senses.   Providing clipboards would be helpful (even for a refundable donation upon bringing them back) as it was hard for the kids – who spent a lot of time on the ground.




One of our favorites were the cactus plants.




There were several glass house buildings with different themes.

In the “rain forest one” we found several interesting trees/plants and different sculptures inside and outside throughout the gardens.










As we were walking we came to a giant xylophone where the kids could make music.  Of course, both Maebh and another girl hurt their hands while using sticks – by getting them pinched, but despite that, they both liked this feature.




Then onto a retro living room set up outside – we all got a laugh out of this.




The rose garden was still in full bloom and with so many different versions.   The kids were running from one to the next smelling them and claiming each one as their favorite – all were pretty.









We didn’t even get to see all the various trees all around and the Giant Redwood was a favorite.


Not sure why it has taken us a year to get here, especially where Nils’ office is just a 5 minute walk, but glad we did go as it’s a lovely place and we’ll be back in the Spring.

If you want to visit:
You can find their address and contact information here:  Botanic Gardens Dublin

IMPORTANT:  Scooters are NOT allowed and be prepared to be stuck in a queue to get into the car
park . When it is full, you’re stuck and can’t get in until someone leaves the lot.  Try and find metered street parking.


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