Croke Park Stadium Tour

Normally, the AWCD has their monthly meetings at the Hibernian Club at St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin City Centre.  However, the one date conflicted and our group was fortunate to be able to have our meeting at Croke Park.

Croke Park Stadium is the largest and most iconic sporting area in Ireland and is the 3rd largest stadium in Europe.   In fact, what many will remember this stadium by is it’s the one where Notre Dame played vs. Penn State.  Each year they play a college game there – now that would be fun!!

Before our member meeting in a sky box, we got to go inside the team dressing rooms and outside on the sideline (careful not to step on the REAL grass!!)

I had hoped to be able to go inside the GAA Museum and but we were only given a stadium tour – which was still great – will have to go back with Nils & the kids.   But I will add, next time we can get tickets to see a game here, we’ll totally do it for the experience.Afterwards about 12 of us ate lunch at Wallace’s Asti – just across from the stadium.  It was very good and a very affordable at 11.00 (including a starter, meal and coffee/tee and a 1.00 service charge!   A few weeks later, Nils and I returned for a bite.

UPDATE:  We went back as a family and did the tour:  See blog post here.  

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