Soren’s first taste of acting – a commercial.

I realize this blog has been very dead for a while. In fact I have tons of photos from August, yet have no time.   Lately we’ve been very busy!  Not only was it back to school but Soren is now in Soccer training one night a week and playing on Saturdays.  Maebh is doing Irish Dancing, swim starts next week and so does his after school chess club plus a few more things thrown in there.

But something else cool has been happening – Soren was cast to be in a commercial.  Before you think, wow, really, it was great but not glamorous at all. It’s not that he scouted out in the mall but what happen was that I read a post on an American Facebook group I belong to here.

URGENT Casting Call for Ulster Bank Rugby Ads! Casting appointment is after 4pm THIS Friday.Details are attached for 2 Kids. Really hoping to see quite a few boys for these roles aged 4-7. Please email xxxxxxxxxx if you are interested and available. Scripts are attached. Really looking for boys who are not shy in front of a camera who can deliver lines.Looking for:Kid 2 (Australian / USA)• Boy or Girl • Fair haired (longer hair if they’re a boy would work better)• We’re looking for a cocky little character. Some of the scripts for theAustralian character are a little more complex, so the ability to deliver scripted lines is paramount here. If there is any chance they can pull off an American or Australian accent, that would be great (but not essential).Kid 3 (New Zealand / Samoa / Tonga)• Boy• Dark Haired• Darker Skinned. We ideally would like a kid that looks like he could be a Maori.• We’re again looking for a kid who can deliver scripted lines. These scripts are going to be quite animated.
Having ZERO acting skills, we didn’t know if he’d even be considered for the role.  After talking it over with him, he gave it a try with confidence.  There were several other kids going out for the role – most of which have a drama background.  In fact, one boy was completely spray tanned orange.   Anyway, we were shocked when he got the role.   We know he’s very photogenic but acting might not be his biggest talent.  He did great learning his lines and having to do four sentences in a newly learned Australian accent and one in American English.

Here are some photos from the filming.

First makeup….

Pre-Match ….
Post Match – (aka dirty face)



On camera.
One thing is for sure, he was pretty nervous at first…got better, but I don’t know if he’ll rush back to be in front of a video camera – still camera might be better! 🙂   Either way, was an experience of a lifetime. Sort of like Nils being casted (thanks to me 😉 — in Here Comes The Boom!  Check out his IMDB bio, lol!
It is now live on Facebook and Twitter.

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