Trinity College Dublin: Zoology Museum Visit

The kids and I checked out the Trinity College Dublin Zoology Museum.  The 250-year old collection houses 25,000 specimens, representing all of the animal phyla. While the main purpose of the museum is to provide undergraduate training in animal systematics, biodiversity and taxonomy.  The museum was open to the public during Heritage Week I think the price was about €7 for the three of us.  Visitors were given a guided introduction to the world of extinct creatures, exotic beasts and glass models of marine animals by the zoology students and staff.

Surprisingly Soren knew a lot about different species there – Wild Kratz?  All in all it was a nice collection.  The best part of the visit was that they were able to touch the bones, sculls, etc.  That is super cool to the under 8 crowd. Would we return – I’d say no probably not.

The grounds of TCU are lovely, so we stopped at a few sculptures.

And later, while walking down O’Connell Street, Soren gave a coin to a guy dressed up as a leprechaun in good fun.  I think if I bought a similar costume stood around for all the American tourists, I’d make a fortune!

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